The book too hot for Amazon! The Brazen Altar, book one of the Passionate Pantheon, takes us to The City. In this place of peace and plenty, without disease, suffering, or want, people find meaning through service to their gods. These they know were created by humans, but as they protect and provide for the people, why wouldn’t the people express their thanks through utter devotion? In a Utopian society, what better way to express this love than through pleasure and faith? Banned on Amazon for sexual content!

The Brazen Altar

Brazen Altar book cover

For Kheema and her seven fellow Potentials, it means entering the temple of the Sun God to undergo months of training and practice to determine which of them will be chosen as Sacrifice. On the day of the summer Solstice, the chosen one must recite the entire litany from atop the temple, while submitting to constant forced orgasms from dawn ’til dusk.

For Terlyn, service means becoming part of the Garden, bound naked and asleep while worshippers help themselves to her body. Terlyn wakes in ecstasy over and over, only to fall asleep again. The experience changes her and her relationship with her friend and lover Donvin, who visits her while she is part of the Garden.

Ashi’s service to the god known only as ‘The Wild’ entails competing with other worshippers in a forest that appears overnight to demonstrate her resilience and will, so that she might become part of a ritual involving an altar, a long row of cages, and the complete abandonment of her self.

The three stories brush against each other, revealing the racing heart of the City, as the people of the City serve, or ask for enlightenment from, multiple gods at once.