In Divine Burdens, book two of the Passionate Pantheon, explore a City where things are far from easy. In this metropolis, the gods provide everything that their people could ever want. But such largesse comes as a price, and in a place where there is neither money nor want, the only currency that means anything is your body...

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Divine Burdens

Divine Burdens takes a different path from the first book in the series,  The Brazen Altar. This book explores body horror and non-consent against the backdrop of an idyllic far-future Utopia where the gods have a much different relationship with the people they serve.

Lija trains alongside the City’s best athletes in merciless competition to win the coveted role of sacrifice to the god of the Hunt, pursued for three days and three nights through a forest that bends to the will of the gods. She will be driven to exhaustion and terror, her body offered as a prize to the hunters.

Rajja, an exile, is brought against her will to the temple of the God of the Deep, where she endures impregnation by tentacle, becoming the incubator for the god’s new incarnation. As she is held in the temple, her body forcibly changed to fulfil her new role, she learns that she is far more suited to becoming the Bearer of a god than she might ever have dreamed.

Erianna surrenders herself in service to the mysterious, enigmatic Gleaner, the god that places a part of itself within her. Erianna’s body will be invaded by a sacred parasite whose tendrils spread through her to manufacture the Blessings that others consume for sexual gratification, a process that changes her and inflames sexual desire so great she loses herself in its boundlessness.

The lives of each of these women will be forever altered by their experiences.

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