Welcome to THE far future  City, a post-scarcity Utopia ruled by benevolent AIs. These vast intelligences are worshipped as gods through rituals of ecstatic sex, sublime connection, and almost intolerable pleasure. 

Explore this world in the erotic science fiction novels The Brazen Altar and Divine Burdens, now available; and preorder The Hallowed Covenant, coming October 2021.


The Passionate Pantheon is an erotic science fiction series unlike anything you've ever read before. Lose yourself in a richly realised, post-scarcity world where we follow engaging characters whose complex stories are intertwined with steamy erotic adventures, thought-provoking and arousing at the same time. This world of sensual delights invites us to ask what’s possible when pleasure, beauty, and service to others are the greatest virtues.    

In The Brazen Altar, we meet Kheema, who labors for eighteen months beside her fellow Potentials hoping to be bound to an altar and sacrificed to the god of the sun, enduring never-ending, body-wracking orgasms while reciting the history of the City from dawn to dusk; Terlyn, who surrenders herself to the Garden, sedated by thorns while the City's faithful use her body as a conduit through which they commune with the god of fertility; and impulsive but determined Ashi who, with the help of her lover Riyan, competes to become the avatar of the god called the Wild.

In Divine Burdens, Lija trains alongside the City’s best athletes in cutthroat competition to become a sacrifice to the god of the Hunt, pursued for three days and three nights through a forest that’s a living tool of the gods, her body offered as bounty to the hunters. Rajja is brought against her will to the temple of the God of the Deep, where she endures impregnation by tentacle, becoming the living receptacle for the god’s new incarnation. Erianna volunteers herself in service to the enigmatic Gleaner. Her body will be invaded by a sacred parasite whose tendrils thread themselves throughout her body to produce the ‘Blessings’ that others consume for sexual gratification.

The Hallowed Covenant follows the lives of a group of friends during the Festival of the Lady, an annual month-long celebration of creativity and art culminating in the Dance of Sacrifice that will decide who will become scrificed to, and Avatar of, the god of art. They grow together and come apart in complex ways that will change all their lives forever.