The Hallowed Covenant, book three of the Passionate Pantheon, follows seven friends through the Festival of the Lady, a month-long celebration of art and creativity culminating in the Dance of Sacrifice to the goddess of art. They make choices and set off on new journeys that affect all their lives, forever altering their friendships and relationships.    

The Hallowed Covenant

Ecstatic Communion book cover

Be careful what you wish for! An eight-hour orgasm? What should be divine becomes an exquisitely agonizing ordeal for Tessia, who makes the ultimate quivering sacrifice to the god called the Blesser; but for Avia, who takes Tessia' s place when she' s unable to live up to her commitment to the god, it' s a revelation as well as an act of devotion. For Sayi, leader of the Confessory, her lot is to accept the erotic penalties due for others' transgressions and offer them a path to atonement; while Yaeris, whose impulsive decision to participate in the Dance of Sacrifice to the Lady of Arts, faces sensual consequences she couldn’t possibly have anticipated.

Welcome to the City, a post-scarcity society without war or disease, ruled by benevolent AIs who are worshipped through rituals of sex and connection. How can a society function with no law, no police, and no hierarchy? When anything you could ever need is available from a Provider whenever you want, how do you find meaning or purpose? When a woman of the City breaks a promise to one of the gods, her decision has profound effects on other people, and she must find a way to atone for her transgression.

The lives of four women wrap intimately around each other, in a complex story of transgression, atonement, forgiveness, and creation.

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